August Wrap Up

Wrap Up


Hey Friends!

August went so fast for me and held a bunch of accomplishments. I started this blog on August 7, so I’m still in the beginning stages of this blog. I’m still learning how to write a great review and interacting in this community. But this has been a dream come true becoming a blogger so I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me. I got my first book mail this month and it was very exciting. Priory of the Orange Tree is a book I can’t wait to read and I’m happy to provide an honest review for.

This month I also went on vacation to Chicago for Wizard World and it was great. I love going to conventions and even though Wizard World can be a hit or miss, I always have a lot of fun. Got to meet the cast of Boy Meets World, Smallville, and Outlander. Took lots of pictures with a bunch of cosplayers. Next time I think I want to have a budget for comics and pops.

I read 8 books and 2,574 pages. Way better than July that’s for sure. All were good books that I enjoyed reading. August was so busy so my reading is a little off. But I’m pumped to start my fall reading. So many good books coming out, and I’m working on planning more blog stuff so be on the lookout for that! Thanks for reading 🙂

The Last Magician by [Maxwell, Lisa]

The Last Magician- Lisa Maxwell ★★★★★– Review to Come
The Sisters of the Winter Wood by [Rossner, Rena]
The Sisters of the Winter Wood- Rena Rossner ★★★★– Review to Come

The Devil's Thief (The Last Magician Book 2) by [Maxwell, Lisa]

The Devil’s Thief- Lisa Maxwell ★★★★★– Review to Come
Days of the Dead by [Hamilton, Kersten]
Days of the Dead- Kersten Hamilton ★★★★★Review

A Blade So Black by [McKinney, L.L.]

A Blade So Black- LL McKinney ★★★– Review to come
Not Even Bones by [Schaeffer, Rebecca]
Not Even Bones- Rebecca Schaeffer  ★★★- Review to come
The Black God's Drums by [Clark, P. Djèlí]
The Black God’s Drums- P. Djèlí Clark ★★★★★


A few books I read also came out this month and I’ll be posting mini-reviews because I read them so long ago, I don’t think I could write a good full review.

.Mirage: A Novel by [Daud, Somaiya]

Mirage- Somaiya Daud   ★★★★★ (one of my top favorite reads of 2018)
Seafire by [Parker, Natalie C.]
Seafire- Natalie C. Parker ★★★★


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