Guest Review: Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas

Hey Booklovers! My friend Lexi wrote a great review for the third DC universe book; Catwoman by Sarah J. Maas. You can find her on instagram @blueeyed-bookbanditCatwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons Series) by [Maas, Sarah J.]

I do not fancy myself a superhero person. I have little knowledge about all the heroes, can barely decipher which is Marvel or DC, and what i do know is I pick up in conversations my comic loving friends have.

So I knew going into Catwoman I was taking a gamble. But Sarah J Maas is one of my absolute favorite authors, so it was a gamble I was willing to take.

I know next to nothing about Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batman, and Batwing. So with that being said I’m going to give you an outsiders review of Catwoman Soulstealer by Sarah J Maas.

The story starts with an almost 18 year old Selina Kyle doing everything she can to keep her sister Maggie safe and alive. They live in the rundown section of Gotham, their mother abandoning them for the drugged filled streets. So Selina picks up the slack and joins the Leopards in order to earn money as well as a way to protect her sister.

Selina is the undefeated champion in the Leopards. 27 tattoos line her arms because she hasn’t lost a match. But it’s still not enough. Because Maggie has cystic fibrosis and her lungs are constantly failing her. Their medical bills are piling up and without treatment Maggie will die.

One night Selina is arrested, but someone takes pity on her. She’s offered a deal. Talia, a woman she’s never met before offers her a brand new life, in exchange for her services. Selina, knowing she has little to lose, starts bargaining. Talia wants to make her into whoever she wants her to be, and so she agrees. As long as she makes sure her sister has the best life possible for someone with a chronic illness.

Then Selina Kyle disappears.

She re-emerges two years later, calling herself Holly Vanderhees. A rich socialite, who’s bored with Europe and decides Gotham is the place to see. She moves into the apartment next to Luke Fox, who has his own secret. Besides being one of the only African American families of wealth, he’s also a newly discharged Marine who’s learning to deal with his PTSD. Batman takes him under his wing (ha pun intended!) and now he’s keeping watch over the city while his boss is out on a top secret mission. He thought he had a grip on the city. Until a mysterious new criminal appears.

She didn’t choose the name Catwoman. But it fits so she embraces it. As she steals, fights for her life, and recruits Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, we learn that Catwoman has been scheming and planning while she was in the League of Assassins. There is one thing Selina doesn’t plan for; the friendship Ivy offers her. The feelings she starts to have for Batwing.

Sarah has an amazing way of writing a story so you never realize the little pieces of the puzzle are being spread out before you. Every single sentence matters. Every little move any of her characters make is there to show you just how the end happens. And just like her other series, Sarah did not disappoint with this story.

Selina is strong and fierce. But she reminds me of both Celaena as Aelin and her ever scheming self, trying to get her crown back. Selina is just trying to do everything she can for the only person she truly loved. The only person she ever felt truly loved her despite the tattoos, despite the scars: her sister Maggie.

I think what I loved about his story the most was the fact that Ivy and Harley are villains and yet I found myself rooting for their friendship with Selina. I found myself understanding Ivy and how she wanted to save the planet. As she says, “I chose this path, now I have to see it through.”

Luke is a flawed hero. Not because of his PTSD but because he thinks justice is black and white. Until he meets Catwoman, until he sees that she’s been trained by someone other than the streets. He learns her story in pieces and when he puts them all together he realizes maybe they are fighting for the same side. They’re just doing it in their own way.

I wish this story had been three hundred pages longer. Going in with no superhero knowledge helped me enjoy the plot. Even made me consider possibly reading a comic or two. So trust me. If you’re thinking about reading this because you like Sarah’s writing, or because you think it sounds entertaining, don’t let the superhero aspect deter you. It’s an action packed story that will leave you wanting more.

Selina’s story will keep you turning the page long into the night. But it’s Sarah’s effortless writing will keep you wanting more and wondering if you should join the villainous girl gang or root for Batwing to save the day.


Special Thanks to my friend, Lexi for being super awesome and writing this cool review. As a big comic book fan, I’m so excited to begin Catwoman, whenever I get to that section of my neverending TBR.


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