Thoughtful Thursday: Fall/Winter Movies 2018

Hey Friends! It’s Thursday and time for another Thoughtful Thursday post. I know I’m not the most consistent on posting but I’m working on it. My work schedule should be a little more consistent so that will help. This week’s topic is all about Movies. Specifically the movies I can’t wait for from now until December. We are getting into award season movies, so I’m really excited.

Image result for bohemian rhapsody movie poster                                                       → Release Date: November 2

I’m so beyond ready for this. I love Queen and Freddie Mercury. Plus Rami Malek is such a great actor, that I think this will be fantastic.

                                                       → Release Date: November 2

I’m the biggest Christmas fan, but the Nutcracker is one my favorite Christmas plays. The cinematography looks absolutely beautiful and it’s by the same people who did The Beauty and the Beast 🙂

Image result for widows movie poster                                                     → Release Date: November 16

I will watch anything with Viola Davis. I’m ready. Everyone in this cast is a powerhouse so I think this will be a great thriller/heist film.

Image result for robin hood movie poster                                                    → Release Date: November 21

Have you seen the Behind the Scenes video where Taron Egerton is practicing his archery. *swoons* I can’t wait. Seriously, I’m glad Taron is getting the spotlight he deserves. Kingsman: The Secret Service was the first step to this guy’s amazing career.

Image result for creed 2 movie poster                                                       → Release Date: November 21

I am still hella bitter Michael B. Jordan was nominated at the Golden Globes and the Oscars for his role. A damn shame. Creed was one of my favorite movies of 2015 so I expect great things for Creed II

Image result for aquaman movie poster                                                       → Release Date: December 14

Ya’ll know I’m a Marvel movie gal. And while I love DC comics, the DCEU needs to get it’s shit together. Justice League makes me angry thinking about it, Suicide Squad made absolutely no sense. Batman v Superman was just blah. Seriously, it’s a freaking mess. Wonder Woman was good. So while I love Jason Momoa and I’ll of course be going to see this movie, I’m keeping my expectations low. I will say I’m hoping Aquaman makes way more money than Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald just so Amber Heard can get paid more than Johnny Depp.

Image result for spider man into the spider verse movie poster                                                       →  Release Date: December 14

I AM FREAKING EXCITED! 1. I love SpiderMan. 2. It’s my man Miles Morales movies 3. SPIDER-GWEN IS IN IT! 4. The voice cast is supreme. Shameik Moore, Brian Tyree Henry, John Mulaney, Jake Johnson, Mahershala Ali, and Liev Schreiber. This is going to be lit, I can feel it.

                                                         →Release Date: December 19

LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA IS GOING TO BE IN A MOVIE! I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway, my senior year of high school, and I adore the movie. This will be a super fun movie and I can’t wait.

Image result for destroyer 2018 movie poster                                                         → Release Date: December 25

I mean I’d probably see it anyway. But like, Sebastian Stan is my favorite so I’m really going for him. But…. I did see the new trailer and Nicole Kidman looks like she’s about to kick some major ass.


Any movies you can’t wait for this year? Look out for some movie reviews when I see these great picks 🙂

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