T10T: Platonic Relationships

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018!

Happy Tuesday!!! This top 10 post is so much fun because I am a HUGE fan of platonic relationships in entertainment. And if it’s done right, man, that is my jam. This list is a few books and TV and movies. This isn’t in order really except for number 1 hahaha.

1. Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter)

Are we surprised by my number 1? Seriously the biggest disappointment was when JKR said after the books were all done that she thought Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. NOOOOOOOO. Their friendship was the best thing in the books and in the movies.  Truly they were each other’s best friend and I adored them so much. Seriously, this scene is means the world to me because it really shows how much they truly care for each other even during some rough times.

2. Shawn and Gus (Psych)

Psych is one of my favorite shows ever! And the friendship between Shawn and Gus is fantastic. Friends since childhood they are there for each other through everything. Gus literally pushes his full-time job to the side to start a fake detective agency with his best friend. They have so many inside jokes its fantastic. My sister and I quote them all the time.

3. Clark and Chloe (Smallville)

Okay, this is based on let’s say season 3 until the end. You gotta wait until after Chloe’s crush on Clark fades and then they are literally the best of friends. Clark and Chloe are the only two people who stayed on the show for all 10 seasons and their friendship shows it. Chloe was my favorite character by the end and I think her faith in Clark really makes her character great.

4. Donna and the 10th Doctor (Doctor Who)

I’m a 10 girl. I loved Rose, felt bad for Martha since they messed her character up, but DONNA NOBLE IS EVERYTHING GOOD. Season 4 is really the first season of NEW WHO without a companion falling in love with the Doctor. Donna and 10 are just best mates and it made Season 4 fun and entertaining. No jealousy, no unrequited love, just two friends traveling through time and space. I wish we could go back to this era TBH.

5. Veronica and Wallace (Veronica Mars)

Veronica Mars is life. Veronica Mars was like the first show I religiously watched where the 2 main characters never even think about turning their friendship into a romance. From the very beginning, Veronica and Wallace were best friends and that’s it. Wallace knew the reputation of Veronica and still decided to befriend her even though he was the new kid. Ride or dies right here.

6. Jace and Alec (The Mortal Instruments)

I’ll even include the show Shadowhunters in this. Yeah, Alec sorta had a crush on Jace but he was confused and didn’t really know if he was or not. Jace never judged Alec for being gay and didn’t mind that he had a crush on him. Instead, they became close friends after it. Parabati through thick and thin.

7. Matt Murdock and Franklin “Foggy” Nelson (Daredevil)

Friends since college, Matt and Foggy are so cute in flashback episodes. They risk everything when they decide to open up their own law firm instead of working at a big firm with way more money. I think they become way closer friends after Foggy finds out Matt is Daredevil.

8. Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

THIS SHOW! That episode when Ron goes over all the really thoughtful gifts Leslie gave him over the years. Even though Ron says he doesn’t like friends, Ron adores Leslie. They always had each other’s back and it was super cool how supportive Ron was of Leslie running for city council.

9.  Garcia and Morgan (Criminal Minds)

The ship that never sailed. Yeah, I wanted them to start dating, but then the show progressed even more and I realized they were much better as friends. And they really were the best of friends. Their banter made every episode so funny even though the show was about serial killers.

10.  The Blackthorn siblings (The Dark Artifices)

Listen, I’m almost done Lady Midnight. But I adore the Blackthorn children. They are so close and protective of each other. For a family that went through so much and have their older brother basically raise them, they are so strong. I really love Ty.


Okay, that’s the list! Do you have any favorite friendships? Let me know below. I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. I’m off to hopefully finish Lady Midnight and start Lord of Shadows…. 7 days until Queen of Air and Darkness and I’m beyond excited.


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