Top 10 Albums of 2018

Happy Thursday friends! Quick update on life. Just got back from my mini vacation to NYC for Cassandra Clare’s signing of Queen of Air and Darkness. It was sooo much fun and super fun to get away to one of my favorite cities. 

Today’s list is my favorite albums of 2018. I live and breathe music and 2018 was the year of some of the best albums I’ve seen in a long time. I found new bands to fall in love with, old favorites come back and surprise me. Just a fantastic year of music! Now to the list……..

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 10. Delta by Mumford and Sons

Honestly, it’s probably going to be way higher than this but the album came out a little later and I’m still listening to it. “Pictures of You” is my favorite currently. But damn, did I miss Mumford and Sons and their music.  

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9. Pray for the Wicked by Panic! at the Disco

I’m still really torn on whether I like this album or not. On one hand, “Overpass” is my favorite song on the album and I think it’s fantastic. However, the tone of the album is strange to me. Like we get it, Brenden, you’re the last of the OG members still standing. We got it. I do really enjoy listening to some of these songs. Just sometimes I get the thoughts, and I don’t know if I love it or not. But it’s still on the list because I was dying for this album to be released. haha.

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8. Electric Light by James Bay

I really enjoyed Bay’s first album and thought it was a cute coffee shop soundtrack, but man is this album wonderful. What I love is this is clearly the James Bay we are supposed to see and I love it. Electric Light never fails to bring a smile to my face. The lead guitar in “Pink Lemonade” is everything the world needs right now. 

Image result for YOUNGBLOOD

7. Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer

Another album where the artists took the time to fully develop into what they truly want. I remember them touring with One Direction and look at them now. I love how they are finally a rock band. This is so dark and edgy, and my alternative rock heart really loves this album. “Babylon” is my fave, Callum’s voice is important to me. lol

Image result for a brief inquiry into online relationships album cover

6.  A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships by The 1975

You’re probably thinking “Mel, why are Mumford and Sons number 10 and The 1975 number 6 if that album came out like a week ago?” Well, my friends, I’ve been waiting for this album for a very long time now. Pretty much since the last album came out and I ADORE The 1975. This was everything I could have hoped it would be and more. “Mine” has been on repeat since it came out. One of the top artists I would like to see live (soon)

Image result for everything is love

5. Everything is Love The Carters

🙌🏾 We are not worthy! I freaking love Beyonce. A lot. Have since I was a child and this album is great. Beyonce’s range is one of the world’s hidden treasures. She’s only 37 years old!?!? “APESHIT” music video is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. 

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4. My Dear Melancholy EP– The Weeknd

This album was so painful when it first came out. I was going through my own things, and I just felt what Abel was clearly trying to say with this EP. It’s raw and completely different in tone from Starboy and even Beauty Behind the Madness. This EP gave me some serious Kiss Land vibes. I’ll listen to anything Abel gives me. 

Image result for good thing leon bridges

3. Good Thing by Leon Bridges

*heart eyes* This album is a love song to the 70s and it’s perfect to me. I think Leon Bridges is one of the most underrated singers. Coming Home was great, but I really thought this sophomore album showcases Bridges’s range a little more clearly. From the deep soulful ballad of “Georgia to Texas” (my favorite song) to the upbeat dance of  “If It Feels Good (Then it Must Be), Leon Bridges shows that he’s ready to tackle it all. I could talk about him forever.  


Image result for dirty computer

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae

Image result for tranquility base hotel and casino

Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys

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2. Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer by BTS

There are probably a bunch of people who are hella surprised this isn’t my number 1. But as much as I love BTS, I had to think objectively.  But Because these both came out in 2018, I combined them. I don’t know what to say about them without gushing too much because I absolutely love the message the Love Yourself series is giving, so I’ll just tell you my 2 top songs from each album. From Tear, I love “So What” and “Outro: Tear” and from Answer, I love “Singularity” and “Serendipity” bonus is also “Trivia: Seesaw” I’m excited to see what these guys will do in 2019!

And finally, number 1 album of 2018 is…………..

Image result for black panther album

1. Black Panther: The Album by Kendrick Lamar and various others

THIS ALBUM IS A MASTERPIECE! I remember being in Arizona when it was first announced that this album was being produced by Kendrick Lamar. This album as a whole is simply unbelievable. It features names we’ve heard and many we’ve haven’t. An underground rap album meets mainstream truly emphasizes the whole point of Black Panther. There are songs that reflect T’Challa as well as Killmonger. This is easily one of my forever favorite albums. 

Well, there it is, friends! My Top 10 list for my favorite albums of 2018. As you can see I listen to a wide range of music. What are some of your favorite albums? Do we have any matches? Happy Thursday!💜 

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