About Me

Hi! My name is Mel, short for Melanie. I have a terrible habit of buying multiple copies of the same book. My favorite thing is putting on a good record while reading and drinking a cup of tea. I know way too much movie and tv show trivia. As well as way too much useless knowledge on weird topics. I’m a massive fan of the MCU and have a huge collection of comics. Remember the Titans is my favorite movie even though I’m not a fan of football at all. 

You’re probably wondering… why booksandpineapple
Well, Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality and welcome. In some places putting pineapple in your window is a sign that you are open to visitors. It was also a symbol of my favorite show, Psych. I watched every single episode with my dad and it still is one of my fondest memories of him. 

Reading has always been a big part of my life. My second-grade teacher read us Harry Potter, back in the day and now it’s one of my all time favorite book series that I have way too many copies of. But books have always been the biggest comfort through any rough time in my life. 

So why books and pineapple? Because I welcome all stories told through books. I might not be the biggest fan of certain books, but I’m always open to falling in love with a new book. I hope you are too. 

Thank you for the support and I’m always open to talk if you ever need anything.

I’ll post all my reviews on my Goodreads, and this blog!