Movie Reviews: Robin Hood, Burn the Stage: the movie, Fantastic Beasts: TCOG

Hi Friends! I did a thing! I’m no longer allthebooksandpineapple. NOW I’m just BooksandPineapple. YAY 🙂 It’s not a big change. But I wanted it easier for people to find things. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastical Monday! This past week has been so busy, with Thanksgiving, my sister’s birthday and working all the days. One thing I did do in the past week is see 4 movies. Which might be a lot for some people, but I’m way behind on my movie list and it’s about to be Award season so I need to get it together. I thought it would be cool to give a quick review on all the movies I saw this week. Note: I saw Burn the Stage twice hahaha. So it’s really three different films, but 4 movies. These reviews will be pretty non-spoilerly, just my final thoughts.


Burn the Stage: the Movie

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I fell down the BTS hole and I’m perfectly fine living down here. I absolutely love BTS. I legit bought tickets for all three showings playing in my area. Alas, I couldn’t find coverage for my Saturday shift, so I only saw them twice. I cried,  I laughed, I sang along. I just really appreciate this group of guys. My friends think it’s hilarious how obsessed I am with them, but I’m living my best life honestly.

If you don’t know who they are, BTS is a KPop boy group that is taking over the world, and I’m not mad about it. Their music is so inspiring and wonderful. They promote self-care and love. Seriously, do yourself a favor a watch the speech they gave at the United Nations. Here.  *cries forever* I can’t believe these guys are in their 20s. Out here speaking like old men. So inspiring, I’m proud to be a fan of them. Seriously 10/10 would recommend listening to Love Yourself: Answer. 


PS if you love BTS we should be friends. 


Robin Hood

Robin Hood


I love Taron Egerton like a lot. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) is one of my favorite movies of 2014. Robin Hood is also one of my favorite stories. The Disney movie is cute, I adore Robin Hood: Men in Tights, the BBC show was great. I was always fascinated by Robin Hood and his story. Yeah, the history has been distorted throughout time, but oh well. I thought this movie was awesome. Yeah, it had some flaws, but I think Taron and Jamie were a great Robin and John.

A fresh new look on an old story that everyone knows. Darker, and an updated story made this very entertaining.  I thought the way they handled the corruption and greed was fantastic. I watched a lot of videos showcasing Taron’s archery training and it was so stunning to watch in the film. Yeah, some CGI made me laugh and I didn’t understand the costumes compared to the time period, but overall, I enjoyed the movie. I’d go see this again.




Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldImage result for fantastic beasts the crimes of grindelwald

I literally saved this one for last, because I’m still SALTY. Listen, I love Harry Potter. I have since I was a 8 years old. I’ve mentioned before that Harry Potter is my childhood. So yeah I was excited for these prequels when they were first announced. I thought Fantastic Beasts and where to find them was enjoyable.  Newt Scamander is an adorable dude who just wants to meet all the creatures. No, I didn’t like the ending. I don’t like Johnny Depp and I don’t understand for the life of me how you can go from Colin Farrell to Johnny Depp. Explain????

No, I don’t think Johnny Depp should have been Grindelwald. I didn’t like the justifications WB and JKR were trying to give us on why they kept him. But whatever, I was going to see it because it’s Harry Potter. So I saw it, with my best friend who also adores Harry Potter.  

TRASH! ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. What is Canon? Not this movie. I won’t spoiler this because some people actually really love this movie. But for me, it made me mad. There are already 7 books and 8 freaking movies. It is not hard to follow canon, it really isn’t. I’d excuse the prequels for wanting to try new stories if they didn’t try to do many surprises. The whole movie was trying so hard to make you go “Aha! I knew something was off” I didn’t, I was stressed. The movie didn’t even end and my friend and I already had our phones out trying to find the canon.

Yes, Crimes of Grindelwald had pretty cinematography, but I can’t ignore its blatant disregard for already established timelines. There was no wonder, not many fantastic beasts, too many people who I’m now supposed to know who they are and should care about. Crimes of Grindelwald was just a flashy 2-hour movie trying to justify JKR saying Dumbledore and Grindelwald were romantically involved. Seriously, get your shit together. I can’t believe there’s going to be like 5 movies. Sigh. Either give us the Mauraders or stop. This is ridiculous. 

My only hope is that Aquaman makes more money than this just so Amber Heard made more money than Johnny Depp. (I have low expectations for Aquaman, but I’m petty)



Do you see any of the movies above? What did you think of them? I’d love to know? I know there’s way more films I have to see, so this will probably be a new feature on here. AWARD SEASON IS ALMOST UPON US!!!! 


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