Review: A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert

Title: A Girl Like Her

Author: Talia Hibbert

Rating: ★★★★★

Publication Date: March 14,2018

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Hello friends! Guess who’s out here reading Romance books…. ME! The best part about being apart of the Dragons and Tea Book Club is that I’m reading books, I would normally never pick up. This month’s pick was A Girl Like Her and once again I couldn’t help myself but read this in one sitting. And I couldn’t put it down. Melanie and Amy sure know how to pick excellent book choices.

So what is this book about…

“Fanfic is good for my heart. Running is a disaster waiting to happen, and you know it.”

–> Ruth Kabbah

What did we do to deserve such representation? Honestly, this was awesome. An own-voices plus size, autistic, black woman. *heart eyes* I want to meet Ruth and talk all the comics with her. Seriously, it was like reading my own thoughts about comics. Ruth was a FANTASTIC main character and someone I truly loved reading about. While I couldn’t relate to her being autistic, I did relate to her on many different levels. She was a huge geek and every time she talked comics it was like reading my own thoughts.

Her coping with previous relationships, anxiety, and guilt was beautiful and heartbreaking to read. Ruth was a prickly person with an inability to cook food and said the wrong things 90% of the time, but I absolutely loved her.

–>Evan Miller

My man, Evan. The perfect foil for the prickly Ruth, Evan is all about being a sweetheart. The whole time reading him I kept thinking of Chris Evans, but like bearded Cap from Avengers: Infinity Wars. Is that what the author was going for, who knows. But honestly, it was the best image of Evan. Completely chivalrous, he is new to Ravenswood and is not about any preconceived notions about Ruth. Nah, he was raised by good parents who taught him to get the facts straight from the source. The whole package, Evan is absolutely adorable the entire time. Cooks for others because he is so afraid Ruth is malnourished, and for his new friend Zach and his ailing mother. Evan is all about helping others out. And he is completely infatuated with Ruth and it’s just super cute. He is all about consent and never ever wants Ruth to be afraid of him. Honestly, a dream dude. More men should aspire to be Evan Miller is what I’m saying.

“It’s just, I want to do things with you. Not to you. There’s a difference.”

Am I finally reading adult contemporary/romance books? Yes, I think I might. Did I immediately buy the second one right after I devoured this beauty? Yes, I did. I’m growing up kids. Look out.

Confession time: I’ve only read one other adult contemporary like this in my life. It was called Wallbanger by Alice Clayton and it was so great. So A Girl Like Her is the second, and I enjoyed this so much. I think the reason I loved this so much is that it toes a very fine line of Rom-Com and full on Romance. Because why yes, this was super cute and adorable and nerdy, it also had its share of sex. And there weren’t many cringe tropes that really make or break it for me. Instead, the author does a phenomenal job of highlighting the beauty of consent!

There are some serious warnings for people who have suffered abuse. Ruth suffered from a bad relationship that included emotional, mental and sexual abuse. It’s more of past experience and it’s only through Ruth reminiscing about it. But still could be troublesome for some people. Stay safe, my friends.

Overall this was a great introduction to adult contemporary for me and I’m so happy it was the pick for Dragons and Tea Book Club. For me, A Girl Like Her was a super cute book written by a wonderful Woman of Color who I now adore. Do yourself a favor and spend a little money on A Girl Like Her. It’s worth it. Okay, friends, I’m off to read some more books by Talia Hibbert.

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The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

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“The only rule that counted was to not get caught.”

I FREAKING LOVE THE LAST MAGICIAN, AND THIS COVER WITH ALL MY HEART!! The plot is well done, the characters are flawed and wonderful to read, great world building. The Last Magician is a fast-paced book that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Told from 3 POV: the main character, Esta, Dolph Saunders- the gang leader, and Harte Darrigan- magician.

The Last Magician follows Esta’s journey into 1900 New York City, to steal a book that could save all the Mageus from extinction. Surrounding Manhattan is the Brink, a magical barrier trapping all Mageus in the city. Any Mageus trying to leave risks losing their magic and usually their life.

What I enjoyed most was the magic system and how magic ruled the 1900s in NYC. Persons with magic are Mageus hunted for years by the Order, a secret society trying to eradicate raw magic while also seeking power from ritual magic. Each Mageus’s powers were very different. This talent wasn’t like power over an element or extra strength, stuff like that. No, these powers were so unique and special to each person. This unique world building was one of my favorite parts to read. The 1900s were run by gangs as well as the Order, and you really got a  sense of what life was like in Manhattan at the time.

My girl Esta was just an unbelievable character. Her magic was something I had never heard of before, the ability to slow down time. Yes, she could time travel, but only with the help of magical artifacts and even then it was a difficult thing to do. Esta was smart, strong, and a great thief. She could pickpocket almost anyone.

It was thrilling to read about her time in the 1900s. Women were a little more submissive and Maxwell does a great job of showing Esta’s integration into the past. Esta was still a witty, fierce character who was able to distinguish herself as someone who could be trusted while also stabbing you in the back.

“But then, liars do make the best magicians, and he happened to be exceptional.”

Man, do I wish Harte Darrigan was real, sigh. I will be fangirling over Harte for years to come. I’m never a fan of inst-love, I think it’s just too much for me. But The Last Magician takes slow burn romance to another level. Two sides of the same coin, Harte was a brilliant foil for Esta. A magician on stage and a Mageus of persuasion, Harte was able to lie his true intentions to pretty much every character. His deception POV was insane and I loved any minute of it.

“They were sitting on opposite sides of the board, playing each other in hopes of gaining the prize.”

The Last Magician is a great story about deception and is deceiving someone really bad if it’s for a good cause. If you’re a fan of morally ambiguous characters, time travel, gangs, magic, and twists and turns, The Last Magician is right for you. I definitely recommend this to fans of The Six of Crows, and Ace of Shades.



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